Realized Projects


Vila Mrštíkova Apartment villa

The modern apartment villa with 35 apartments and underground garages is being constructed on an extraordinary place on the border of historic villa district in Strašnice nearby a park. Metro is only
2 minutes of walk from the building.

Exclusive brokerage of the sale of apartments

Location: Praha 10 – Strašnice, Mrštíkova


Family housing Višňovka Development a land plot

Identifying of a land plot in municipality Zbůch near Pilsen and subsequent development of the total area of 33,860 m2. Construction of group houses, family houses and apartment buildings is planned in several phases.

Purchase, development and sale of the land plot with building permit

Location: Zbůch, Plzeň


Rezidence U Proseckého kostela

In the historic centre of Prague 9, of the “old Prosek”, we identified, purchased and implemented construction of the apartment building with commercial premises. It is a modern building which, thanks to the sensitive architect’s hands, suits the historic surrounding buildings.

Purchase, development and construction of the apartment building 

Location: Praha 9, Prosek, U Proseckého kostela 9


Zahrady Čimice Apartment buildings

The 3 apartment villas on the border of the protected landscape area of Čimický háj were constructed in
2 phases. In total, 28 apartments with beautiful large gardens were constructed. Underground garages are matter-of-course.

Purchase, development and construction of the apartment buildings

Location: Praha 8 – Čimice, Pekařova 2


Rezidence U Vojanky Apartment building Mánesova

Identifying of a land plot between beautiful historic villas in Košíře, its development and subsequent preparation for its sale.

Development and arranging of the sale of the land plot for apartment buildings

Location: Praha 5 – Košíře, U Vojanky 3a


Apartment building Krejcárek Apartment building Mánesova

1,620 m2 of apartment areas prepared and implemented for the English Morley Fund.

Development and construction of the apartment building

Location:  Praha 9 – Vysočany, Novovysočanská 2c


Art Noveau Slezská Apartment building

1,297 m2 of residential and commercial area created by reconstruction of secession building and condition of apartment building in the courtyard, situated in Královské Vinohrady in Prague.

Purchase, development, reconstruction and construction of apartment buildings

Location: Praha 3 – Vinohrady, Slezská 84


Residential Park Troja

3. – 6. phase

In cooperation with an Italian partner, we created a concept of a park of villas interconnected by underground garages. The construction is divided into 4 phases, so that the construction can be implemented according to the speed of sales. The creative principles of the development were for example: each building will have different design, every owner will recognize his apartment by the foreside of the building, the common parts of the gardens are maintained by a professional gardener, the owners of the private foregardens in the ground-floor have their own technical equipment and electrical and water connections, etc.

Development of the set of villas in a prestigious location

Location: Praha 7 – Troja, Trojská | Sádky


Rezidence Václavka Apartment building

1,447 m2 of living area in an exclusive location of Prague 5. There is an extraordinary view from the house thanks to the special foundation in a steep slope.

Purchase, development and construction of an apartment building

Location: Praha 5 – Malvazinky, Na Václavce 42


Vila Quintex Family villa

Procuring for a change of the urban plan in the natural environment of Prague -Troja. Construction of a modern villa with internal swimming pool at an extraordinary place with a view at Prague.

Development and construction of luxury villa according to the client’s requirements

Location: Praha 8 – Troja, Trojská



Skalka Gate Administrative building

19,000 m2 of rentable area for the Czech Statistical Office, change of the territorial plan and solution of parking premises at the
metro-station Skalka

Purchase, development and sale of the land plot for the administrative building. 

Location: Praha 10 – Strašnice, Na Padesátém 81


Hypermarket Globus Opava Development

Discussing the business requirements with more than 20 owners and successful verifying of a building permit in flood area for construction of the first hypermarket in the given locality.

Purchase, development and sale of a land plot of 130,000 m2 with a building permit for Hypermarket Globus. 

Location: Opava 


Residential park Troja

1. and 2. phase

Complex development including construction of complex of villas in the prestigious location in Prague – Troja, directly bordering with the park of chateau Troja. We implemented the project in its entirety – starting with finding and acquiring particular land plots and, eventually, selling the apartments to the final owners after the construction of the individual buildings. This development in its time brought the “western” living standards (underground parking on the land plot with the possibility to enter the individual apartments “with dry feet”, use of parking systems, use of the functionally separated front gardens for the individual apartments, etc.) to the Czech Republic. At the same time we discovered the location of Prague – Troja as an area for luxury housing.

Development of the complex of villas in a prestigious location

Location: Praha 7 – Troja, Trojská | Pod Havránkou 10


U hranic, U hráze Apartment building Mánesova

Identifying of a land plot, its development, preparation for the sale and subsequent construction of an apartment building with underground parking. All of this in the pleasant location of Prague 10 – Strašnice.

Development and brokerage of the sale of land plot for construction of an apartment building

Location: Praha 10 – Strašnice, ul. U hranic a U hráze



Mánesova 5 Apartment building Mánesova

The former apartment house was vacated after the purchase, a building permit for the administrative building was acquired including the passage of cars through the neighbouring house and parking in its own courtyard with the building permit. The building was subsequently sold to an Austrian law firm including the building permit.

Development of an apartment building with parking in the courtyard

Location: Praha 2 – Vinohrady, Mánesova 4 

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